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Game Description

A Platformer-Puzzle game, set in a whimsical world of Forests, Fairies and Magic. You play as Sylphy, a wind sprite. And just like any wind sprite, you are gifted with the ability of flight. The power of flight for a sprite is controlled by their emotions, specifically a sprite’s happiness. Sylphy has always been one of the best fliers, however, recent events have caused Sylphy to undergo a state of deep-seeded depression. She’s lost her happiness, and therefore her ability to fly. Help Sylphy along her journey by facing the root causes of her depression head on, and restore her happiness and her ability to fly. Although Sylphy may have lost her flight powers, the power of the wind is hers to command.

Project Description

This project was designed and created in 5 weeks by a small and dedicated team of student developers at the School of Game Development at The Academy of Art University. Myself along with fellow developers and artists, Justin Minus, Kaz Walsh, Alexander Boyariov, and Christy Lam, worked together to create this collaborative prototype for a Puzzle Platforming game. I primarily worked as a Game Designer, implementing new mechanics, tuning gameplay, and expanding upon the level design. The entire prototype was made within Unreal Engine and could not have been done without the help of my fellow developers.


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The Reserve

The Reserve is a First Person Shooter Map Design created to fit in a larger Battle Royale setting. The project was made over the course of two weeks for a company's design test.These were...
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The Callisto Protocol

Set on Jupiter's dead moon Callisto in the year 2320, The Callisto Protocol casts players as Jacob Lee, an inmate in Black Iron Prison.  When a mysterious outbreak throws the moon in chaos, Jacob must face...
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Soul Quest

Soul Quest is a Top Down Action RPG inspired by the likes of Diablo and Path of Exile. The project was made over the course of a single semester for the Rapid Game Development...
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Essen’s Demise

Essen's Demise is a level design blockout set within the franchise and universe of Dishonored.  The protagonist, Corvo Attano, begins his revenge on those who framed him. But first, he must put an end to the...
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Pollen’s First Day

Pollen’s First Day is a collaborative project led by myself and Alvin Chan. The project was made over the course of a single semester and was later pitched to NASA at the end of...
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Siege: Unreal Tournament

Siege, a fully multiplayer tested Unreal Tournament Map. The map is set within a large castle filled multiple layers and navigable paths. The map is designed for FFA combat and primarily focuses on long...
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Those That Are Left

Full Narrative Design Document for a Zombie Survival Game. Contains story elements, character design and bios, enemy descriptions, and multiple descriptions of the settings within the game. This was a part of a semester...
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The Survivors

A Full GDD (Game Design Document), based on a Zombie Survival RPG. This covers the entire overview of the game's design and progression. The GDD also includes descriptions of four main classes, each with...
Client: John McDoe - Ceo GM

Once again a great freelancer complied with needs in every way. i recommend them

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