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The Reserve

Project Description

The Reserve is a First Person Shooter Map Design created to fit in a larger Battle Royale setting. The project was made over the course of two weeks for a company’s design test.


These were the initial concept designs I made prior to making the level. Although the final iteration underwent several changes, these maps helped form the initial ideas behind the level’s shape and design. I also made a reference collage of images that fit the theme and ideas I aimed to recreate or reinvent.

Setting and Objective

The Reserve is my take on a Mexican mission themed level. Due to the nature of Battle Royales, fights can occur sporadically and the level allows for this by having a variety of areas to take cover and maneuver through. The mission is defined by three main floors. The main level is an open courtyard and church, the top level is a walkway that overlooks the courtyard, and the lowest level is a crypt/cellar that has been connected from the decayed walls below.

Main Floor

The main floor of The Reserve contains both the courtyard and the church. The courtyard has four garden plots that surround a fountain in the center. It also has two stables and a broken wagon that offer additional cover. Due to the map’s layout the courtyard is easily the most vulnerable location in the map so I added several areas that offer cover from the surrounding high ground. The courtyard also has four ways to reach the upper level: two opposing staircases, a ladder, and stack of hay that can be climbed. Under the opposing staircase are two sets of sets that lead downwards into the cellar.

Additionally on the main floor is the church. The church is a relatively small area that has several rows of benches that leads to an altar at the end. Most notably, the church also has access to the sole staircase that leads to the lower level’s crypt.

Lower Level


The Cellar is a large room consisting of the barrels that house the mission’s wine. There are two staircases that lead up/down to the courtyard. The area offers a variety of cover as well as some interesting line of sights to shoot players. Two collapsed walls bridge the cellar to the crypt.


The crypt is entered from a staircase in the church or from the two collapsed walls in the cellar. The torchlit room has several bodies buried in the walls as well as several important figures buried in the coffins located in the center of the room.

Upper Level and Surrounding Area

The Upper Level wraps around the courtyard and church. There are several windows the shoot into the church as well as a ladder to climb to the church’s roof. This floor offers a tactical advantage over the courtyard and church, but has substantially less cover in comparison. This makes the high ground both a highly contested area of map and a very vulnerable area to be sieged by other players.

The Reserve, being a level within a Battle Royale map, is meant to fit into a larger world. To simulate this environment I included several rock formations, rivers, and desert foliage that encompass the area around the mission. Additionally the upper level offers some lines of sight on possible players in nearby areas.


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