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Soul Quest

Project Description

Soul Quest is a Top Down Action RPG inspired by the likes of Diablo and Path of Exile. The project was made over the course of a single semester for the Rapid Game Development 2 Course.

Setting and Objective

A relatively small and linear area,  set inside the depths of a flooded cave . Navigate through the cave, over the bridges, and around sunken ships to defeat the spiders and cannibalistic hunters that reside there. The end of the area contains a large room where the Golem of the Deep lays dormant. Killing the Golem is your main quest for the level.

The Player

The player plays as an unnamed protagonist asked to help defeat the foul beast that plagues this domain. Set in a medieval theme, the player wields a sword and shield. Using the Fire Slash (Right Click) and Leap Slam (E Key) abilities, the hero sets forth to defeat the enemies before him.


Cannibal Hunter

The Hunters are the main enemies encountered in the cave. They will instantly attack the player when detected. Alone the Hunters alone are no match for the hero, but if surrounding the player can easily prove to be deadly.

All model assets were found from the Paragon Khaimera Pack and were implemented in Unreal Engine. During the design, I implemented the model and animation in several animation montages and animation instances. Using blueprint scripting I combined animation montages, visual effects, and sound effects to create an engaging combat experience.


The spiders in the area sit in larger packs and like the Hunters are deadly when surrounding the player. The spiders being small are also harder to hit with the standard swing and have a chance of missing and dealing no damage. Instead, the players Leap Slam ability is useful to defeat multiple spiders by slamming into them.

Golem Boss

The Golem of the Deep remains asleep covered in a bed of rocks until the player approaches. He then erupts and lets out a roar causing the player to be trapped in the large room. Unlike normal enemies, The Golem has a significant increase in damage and health. Additionally, the boss also has a special ability called Rock Tomb that causes sharp boulders to fall from the ceiling down on the player.


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